Sep 8, 2011

Why is a Stem Cell Company at a Pain Management Meeting?

Posted by Bob under Pain in Pets

Pain relief is not the first thing you think of when you think of stem cells, but years of working with dogs and horses has taught us that pain relief is a significant reason that stem cell therapy helps dogs and cats achieve a better quality of life and horses to return to performance.  Vet-Stem will be attending the IVAPM meeting (International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management) in Nashville September 14-18.  We look forward to meeting with pain management experts who currently utilize stem cell therapy so that we can learn the latest methods to use stem cell therapy to reduce pain. The links below are some posts that relate to pain management and stem cell therapy.

Clinical Trial Data shows that stem cell therapy works to dramatically reduce pain in a controlled study.
Does your dog hurt?  Read an excellent post by Dr. James Gaynor, a pain management specialist and experienced stem cell veterinarian.
Forge is a Siberian Husky who experienced dramatic pain relieve after treated with stem cells.


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