Mar 26, 2010

Clinical Trial in Dogs with Hip Dysplasia

Clinical Trial in Dogs with Hip Dysplasia Shows that Stem Cells Alleviate Pain from Arthritis

Veterinarians strive to practice the highest level of medicine by using products and techniques that have solid evidence to support effectiveness.  Vet-Stem was the first company to conduct and publish the results of a clinical trial in dogs that were suffering from arthritis pain associated with hip dysplasia.   Many of these dogs were crippled from arthritis and their owners had tried many different therapies to treat the pain.  For a few of the dogs, being in the study was a last resort. 

This study was conducted as a blinded placebo controlled multi-center clinical trial, meaning the dog owners, veterinarians and technicians had no idea which dogs were given stem cells and which dogs were given saline.  The dogs were evaluated before treatment and at day 30, day 60 and finally on day 90.  On day 90 the final evaluations were collected and analyzed.  The data showed that “the improvement in the clinical scores was statistically significant in the stem cell group at all post treatment evaluation times for lameness at the walk and trot, pain on manipulation, and pain free range of motion.    You can see from the below graphs the difference in the dogs that were treated with their own stem cells as compared to the dogs that were treated with saline .


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