Jun 10, 2011

One Collection of Fat Gives Your Dog a Lifetime of Stem Cells

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis, Stem Cell Therapy

When making a decision on stem cell therapy for your companion, it is important to understand the process a bit, especially the process of storage of the extra cells for the future.  If your dog or cat is being treated for arthritis, it is likely that they will need additional treatments in future years for the arthritis or for other conditions.  One single collection of fat by your veterinarian provides for a lifetime of stem cells for your dog.  The Vet-Stem lab stores (banks) stem cells in a cryopreservation system that provides for safe storage of stem cells that can last the lifetime of your dog.  In most cases there are enough cells stored so that your dog can be treated one or more times from stored cells.  This way there is no need to do another surgical collection of fat (which decreases anesthesia risk and cost).  The first year of storage is free. Vet-Stem will then notify you as the owner/caretaker when it is time to renew the contract for storage of the stem cells.

If there are not enough stem cells stored to treat again, Vet-Stem can grow (culture) more stem cells so that your dog can have a lifetime supply of stem cells.  The cells are grown in a quality-controlled laboratory (take an insider’s tour) that can produce cells as needed.  Initially there is a charge for the culturing process, but after that fee is paid, the lab grows cells at no cost for the rest of your dog’s life.  When doses are needed for use there is a charge for the special processing to thaw the banked cells, but these costs are much less than the initial processing costs. The culturing service ensures that your dog will always have stem cells available and will never again have to have a surgical fat collection.

With all of the spectacular new research in stem cell therapy, we expect to be able to treat many more conditions than just arthritis in the future.  Don’t you want to have those wonderful cells stored away for a rainy day?  Ask your veterinarian for more information or check out all the videos from other pet owners around the US!  You can even request to locate a veterinarian in your area that has been credentialed in regenerative medicine.


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