Apr 7, 2023

VetStem Sponsors Lab at IVAPM Pain Management Forum

Posted by Bob under Pain in Pets, VetStem

The VetStem sales and marketing team just returned from the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management (IVAPM) Pain Management Forum in Atlanta, GA. For the past few years, VetStem has sponsored a dry lab at the forum. Additionally, experts in veterinary pain management have discussed the use of regenerative medicine as one approach to managing pain in pets.

Founded in 2001 by a group of veterinarians, including one of VetStem’s earliest users and collaborators, Dr. Jamie Gaynor, the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management unites veterinary professionals across all disciplines from around the world to advocate for best practices in the treatment of pain in animals. The organization is committed to encouraging pain management for all animal species through education and advocacy. They also encourage various veterinary organizations to raise public awareness about pain and pain management as it pertains to veterinary patients. IVAPM is the leading forum and educational resource for veterinary professionals and pet owners interested in animal pain prevention, management, and treatment.

One of the primary goals of IVAPM is to educate the veterinary community to recognize and treat pain in all species of animals. In addition to offering continuing education, they also provide the only interdisciplinary pain management certification program for veterinary professionals. Last year, IVAPM launched the first annual Pain Management Forum where like-minded veterinary professionals can connect to advocate for the best practices in the treatment of animals in pain.

This year, at the second Pain Management Forum, Dr. Gaynor delivered a lecture in which he included information on the topics of VetStem Cell Therapy and platelet rich plasma. You may be surprised to learn that stem cells not only have the ability to down-regulate inflammation, but also to directly affect pain. Current literature supports that stem cells have the ability to address both acute and chronic pain by secreting pain blocking cytokines (small proteins), which can have opioid-like effects. We enjoy attending and supporting the IVAPM Pain Management Forum and look forward to supporting their cause in 2024!