Jul 12, 2019

Meet Our Chief Operating Officer, Dr. Carolyn Wrightson.

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This week we would like to introduce you to a vital member of our team: our Chief Operating Officer Dr. Carolyn Wrightson.  Dr. Wrightson has been with VetStem since 2006 though she has over 20 years of experience in biochemistry, molecular biology, and molecular pathology.  She started out as our Director of Lab Operations and Quality Services.  She continues to manage our two laboratories as well as our Research and Development team.

Dr. Wrightson received her BS from Mount St. Mary’s College in Biology and Biochemistry in 1991, her MS from USC in Pathology in 1993, and her PhD from USC in Pathology in 1996.  She also completed a Post-Doc at The Scripps Research Institute in Molecular and Experimental Medicine.  Paired with CEO Dr. Bob Harman’s expert knowledge and determination to develop and improve the stem cell industry, Dr. Wrightson’s expertise is a driving force behind the ongoing development of our off-the-shelf stem cell drug as well as the recent launch of our human stem cell company, which we discussed in a recent blog

As you may have noticed in our blogs about our Director of Commercial Operations and our Director of Clinical Development, most of our employees wear many hats at VetStem.  So, while Dr. Wrightson is busy managing both our commercial and manufacturing laboratories, she also serves as our unofficial IT liaison as well as our building maintenance manager.  If a computer gets a virus or the air conditioner stops working, Dr. Wrightson is on the phone organizing a technician to come fix the problem.

In her spare time (most of us are amazed she even has spare time) Dr. Wrightson enjoys spending time with her two children Tehya, who is 15, and Kaiden who is 7, as well as with her husband Shane.  She travels to volleyball competitions with Tehya and gardens with Kaiden. She enjoys baking and crocheting.  She also has four dogs: Alejandro, Ryder, Koda, and Jasper, and two birds: Mango and Skittles.

Dr. Wrightson’s ability to manage multiple priorities at once is second to none.  Her knowledge and expertise, along with her incredible work ethic, makes her an extremely valuable part of the VetStem team.  Thank you, Dr. Wrightson, for your hard work and dedication!

Carolyn and Tehya
Shane and Kaiden
Jasper and Koda

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