Jul 8, 2010

Will My Older Arthritic Dog Need Re-treatment After Stem Cells?

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If you read my two preceding posts, you know that Vet-Stem Cell Therapy can improve your older dog’s quality of life, even if his arthritis has reached an advanced stage. So now you may be asking whether your older dog will need to be re-treated at some time in the future after getting stem cell therapy. 

Our previously cited surveys indicate that 61% of older dogs treated for arthritis did not require additional injections within the first year. But we hope to keep old Rex around for many years to come, so to prepare for that we store (or “bank”) any extra doses from the original collection for future use.  We also store a separate small sample of cells that can be expanded to provide even more doses. The ability to re-treat your dog from the initial fat harvest not only helps in keeping costs down, it also reduces the number of times that fat collection and therefore anesthesia is needed.  One fat collection may be enough to provide a lifetime of doses.  Please see the full data here: Osteoarthritis and the Older Dog.

I remember a German Shepherd that had arthritis in multiple joints.  In 2009 she was treated with stem cells in her elbow and a year later began having issues in her rear hock.  Her cells were banked from the original collection the year before and were ready to go for her second treatment without having to collect more fat tissue.

Learn about how you can use these stored cells in the future to treat your buddy with Banked Stem Cells.


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