Jul 21, 2023

VetStem Helps 100-Pound Dog with Arthritis and Knee Injury

A sad story that we hear a lot is when a ball-loving dog is no longer able to play fetch due to arthritis or some other orthopedic injury. That was the case for Sherlock, a nearly 100-pound Staffordshire terrier/rottweiler mix. Though Sherlock loved to chase his ball, as he got older, his body started slowing down and he was diagnosed with arthritis in all four limbs. In an effort to not take away his favorite activity, his owners continued to play ball with a little less intensity. And then he tore his cruciate ligament in his right knee.

Fortunately for Sherlock, his veterinarian recommended using VetStem Cell Therapy in conjunction with surgery. Stem cells have the ability to reduce pain, inflammation, and minimize the formation of scar tissue. In addition to his injured knee, Sherlock’s veterinarian treated both of his elbows and his non-injured knee to give him some relief from the arthritis in those joints.


Sherlock’s owner reported that he responded well to his initial stem cell treatment but that shortly after, he injured the cruciate ligament in his left knee. Unfortunately, this is more common than you may think. According to the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, 40-60% of dogs who injure one cruciate ligament will go on to injure the other cruciate ligament in the future. This time, Sherlock’s veterinarian was able to request doses from his stored stem cells, which she administered during the surgery on his left knee. Sherlock once again received an injection of his own stem cells into each knee and each elbow.

After treatment, his owner said that his recovery went from six weeks to three-and-a-half weeks. She stated, “He healed so quickly that it surprised everyone. He was 12 years old by this time and a full recovery seemed almost too hopeful to wish for, but instead we not only got a full recovery but a faster recovery than before.” She went on to state, “Sherlock is now 13 years old and we do not run and chase balls anymore, but we enjoy walks on the beach and lots of snuggles and I am so grateful that he is still here feeling good and enjoying life with me. Stem cell therapy made an immense difference in his ability to live a high quality life in his older years.”

Does your dog suffer from osteoarthritis or have they injured their cruciate ligament? If so, VetStem Cell Therapy may help. Speak to your veterinarian or contact us to receive a list of VetStem providers near you.


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