Sep 3, 2010

Vet-Stem Client Aids Dog Owner in Need

Posted by Bob under from the owner, Stem Cell Therapy

The story I share with you today would be considered remarkable at any time, but given the current troubled state of the economy, it could be considered downright miraculous.

It seems that a pet owner whose own dog had previously been injected with its own Vet-Stem processed stem cells at Boone Animal Hospital in Western Springs, Illinois was sitting in the clinic’s waiting room and overheard another owner lamenting that because she could not afford a necessary surgical procedure (not Vet-Stem Cell Therapy), she would have to have her dog euthanized.
Imagine that second owner’s surprise and relief when she was told that a donor had contributed $1500 for her dog’s surgery! Although she wishes to remain anonymous, the mystery benefactor did enclose a note with the money indicating that the Vet-Stem Cell procedure done in 2009 on her own 14 year old dog was “wonderfully successful” and thanking the hospital for providing such a service. The story is covered on the Pet Partners USA website here.


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