Feb 1, 2013

Our two old dogs and regenerative stem cell therapy

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis, Pain in Pets

As with all dog lovers there comes a time when you notice your friend slowing down. At that point it is important to really take a look to see what things you can do to help ease any pain from arthritis or other issues. We have a 14 year old Toy Fox Terrier and a 9 year old Aussie who both have been a challenge to keep slim. They love to eat! So we ration their food but we share our celery and broccoli. They get “treats” but few calories are added. We try to balance their exercise so that they stay active but not so active that they are injured. Long nails are something that may go unnoticed but can cause pain. These are all things that you can look for and take care of at home.

In addition it is a good idea to have a veterinary exam. The pain from arthritis can really slow your friend down. Speaking as a vet now, I think both of our old dogs are ready for some more stem cells to help provide pain relief. Arthritis is a progressive disease so periodic injections of stem cells may be helpful. Over 80% of owner surveys report an improvement in their dog’s Quality of Life after Vet-Stem cell therapy.


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