Jun 9, 2010

Lucy Runs Again: Arthritis Relief for Dog Hip Dysplasia

Posted by Bob under Hip Arthritis & Dysplasia

We come across so many wonderful stories about our patients, our extended Vet-Stem family, that we thought sharing them with you would be a great way to spend some time.  Some of these stories are especially touching, when you can see and feel the strong bond between an animal and their person.  Some bring us to tears.  And all of them give us a look into the lives of families touched by what we get to do every day.

Meet Lucy, a gorgeous American Bulldog with hip dysplasia.

“Lucy had a severe case of hip dysplasia.  The vet said on a scale of good to bad, Lucy was horrific.  A hip replacement would be too expensive for us, and we couldn’t bear the thought of such an extensive surgery. 

Our vet (Dr. Joanne Hughes at Yorba Regional Animal Hospital suggested Vet-Stem.  We were skeptical at first, but decided to move forward.  At the time, Lucy could barely walk around the block and we had to carry her up stairs.  It was just too painful for her because of arthritis caused by hip dysplasia.  We feared she would never live a normal life.

Vet-Stem not only improved her condition, but gave her the ability to do things she was never able to do before, like play Frisbee and run at the dog park. 

Before Vet-Stem, it was painfully obvious she had a problem, now you would never know.”
          – Brenna, Lucy’s mom


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