May 31, 2010

Financing Stem Cell Therapy for Your Dog’s Arthritis

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You want the best for your companion when it comes to health care.  Your veterinarian has recommended Stem Cell Therapy as the best treatment for your dog with arthritis.  The pain from your dog’s arthritis has not been controlled very well with his regular pain medications and he just is not able to enjoy life.  He may be older, but clearly he has a lot of life to live!  This is a common scenario and one in which you need to evaluate the costs and how to afford the best treatment.  Luckily, there are now a number of great options to help with financing this treatment if you can’t just write the check today.

Always discuss the options available through your veterinarian and see what the clinic provides.  Veterinarians are kind-hearted and want to see that your pet gets the very best of care.

1. Pet Insurance. If you have a pet insurance policy, many will cover part or all of the stem cell therapy costs.  If you do not have a policy, consider purchasing one for the future.

2. Credit cards are the most available source of short term financing, but if not paid off before the next bill, the interest rates can be pretty high.

3. Care Credit is a financing option that might be sponsored by your veterinarian’s clinic.  They provide 0% interest and extended payment plans.  Check out the “Provider Locator.”

4. Citi Health Card is another option much like Care Credit where they provide lower interest rates and extended payment plans. Check out the “Find a Provider” page to see if your veterinarian participates.

5. Payment Terms may be available from the clinic where they give you credit or possibly be willing to except future-dated checks that will be deposited over the term of the payments.

6. Put on a fund-raiser for your pet.  This is easier and more common than you might think!  Just consider all the pet owners you know from the dog park, the groomers, or online.  If you explain the serious need, you might get immediate help from your fellow pet parents.

This is just a short list of the options.  Check out the great article at for details on the various options, rates, and terms.  Lastly, if you are just now starting out with a new pet, consider starting a small veterinary health savings account.  For less than what you might spend on coffee each week, you will build up a nest egg for use in providing the very best care for your companions.   Check out the story of Malibu and hear what their owners had to say when they got the diagnosis of arthritis in their beloved white German Shepherd.


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