May 17, 2011

Barney is One Lucky Puppy Dog

Posted by Bob under from the owner

We are always impressed by the dedication and love that “Pet Parents” show their pets.  A great example is Sarah from Texas.  You have to check out the website she made for her beloved Barney at  Sarah made a webpage dedicated to the Story of Barney, his severe hip dysplasia and arthritis, and his Vet-Stem Cell Therapy. 

This real life story illustrates that even an older dog, Barney was 12, can have a great response to stem cell therapy. Dr. Geoff Bratton is a veterinarian in Dallas at the Holt Veterinary Clinic.  Dr. Bratton has been through the credentialing course provided by Vet-Stem so that he is trained in the practice of regenerative medicine.  His training provides the basis for selection of the right patient for this type of treatment (joint arthritis).   As Sarah describes in her web story, Barney had to have proper blood work to assure he was in good condition for the procedure and there were not other underlying diseases.  A complete workup and proper diagnosis is always recommended in order to assure that we are treating all of the right conditions.  Barney had a great outcome and can now enjoy a higher quality of life.  If you have an older canine companion with sore joints, check out this compiled data  from owners like yourself with older dogs that have been treated with stem cell therapy.

Your veterinarian can also get trained in the 21st Century Medicine by going to the Vet-Stem website and signing up for the Course.


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