May 3, 2011

At 3 Years Old Whisper Has Returned to Her Puppy Self

The letter below came to us from a dog owner who is now enjoying her dog Whisper, after multiple surgeries and significant pain medications failed to provide relief.

 “Clearly someone has forgotten their birthday…  At 3 years old Whisper has returned to her puppy self!

 Diagnosed with elbow dysplasia at age 2, Whisper had gone from an effortlessly athletic agility and flyball dog to a closet-hiding pup in less than six months.  Nothing we did helped.  She endured surgery, medication and physio but it was so clear that her quality days were winding down.   I wasn’t sure she would make her 3rd birthday.

 Somehow we made the leap to do more surgery and include stem cell therapy.  Adding stem cell therapy to orthopedic surgery was AMAZING! 

 It took Whisper over 30 days to start to act somewhat normal after orthopedic surgery (sliding humeral osteotomy) on the right side.  It took her 6 days to feel AMAZING after orthopedic surgery on the left when we added stem cell therapy.  She felt WAYYYY too good (they sliced her arm in 2, that SHOULD hurt!)  She came out of stem cell treatment looking clear, alert and confident.  You could say she was struttin’ her stuff! 

 And when I called Vet-Stem after my Canadian cells got stuck in Memphis, I was expecting an answering machine saying “for vets only” but I got a live person that asked me “Are you Whisper’s mom?”  The issue had already been resolved by their wonderful staff!!!  WOW

 Just 3 months post-op, you can’t convince Whisper to slow down and relax, she has so much to make up for!  For the first time since her diagnosis she lives pain free with no medication.

 I’m a believer.”

Elise and Whisper


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