Dec 2, 2009

1 in 4 dogs are affected by arthritis

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Arthritis affects 46 million humans (1 in 5 adults)1 and 11 million dogs (1 in 4 adult dogs)2. It is a chronic health problem for both people and their canine counterparts, causing pain, loss of mobility, and a diminished quality of life.

For the first time ever, Pfizer Animal Health and the Arthritis Foundation are joining together –this unique partnership between a human-health disease foundation and an animal-health company is the first joint venture to explore the insights, facts, and treatment solutions for both human and canine arthritis sufferers alike.

We know people suffer from stiff joints, soreness, and inflammation due to arthritis. Upon observation, you also can see how arthritis affects our canine friends. It’s true — dogs get arthritis, too; and it is up to us to help them find relief through diet, exercise, medication, and now stem cell therapy.

What’s all the barking about? —Read my previous blog about recognizing arthritis in dogs. November 6 Blog For more information on arthritis in people, visit The Arthritis Foundation.   Arthritis Foundation

1 “Learn About Arthritis,” The Arthritis Foundation website.

2, Nov 2, 2009


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