Jun 17, 2011

Young and Old Dogs Benefit From Stem Cell Therapy

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I want to share with you the stories of Cookie, a 13 year old Australian shepherd mix, and Scout, a 6 year old Newfoundland and their experiences with Stem Cell Therapy for arthritis. An article recently published in the Mercury News, “Stem cell therapy gives dogs new pep in their step” tells us the stories of Cookie and Scout. 

Cookie’s owner “was terrified the end was near for his old friend.” At 13 ½, she had trouble getting up, laying down and even just going on walks. She then had stem cell therapy to reduce the inflammation in her joints and improve her quality of life.

Scout had joint issues, starting at the young age of 2, that led her to limp and she eventually tore her ACL at age 4. She had surgery for her ACL and also had stem cell therapy in four of her arthritic joints. Within a few months she was able to “trot without limping.” Now she’s back for a re-treatment at age 6 “for her to be able to run more.” 

Dr. Brian Maxwell, a veterinarian credentialed in Vet-Stem cell therapy says,” This is an attempt to turn back time, but without drugs…the theory behind the treatment is that stem cells can increase the body’s ability to decrease inflammation, helping the injured tissues regenerate.”

Young or old, stem cells are the tools the body uses to repair and rejuvenate.  Even us old guys can have hope!  Please read the related post about my daughter’s very old Cocker Spaniel, Sunny.

See Vet-Stem’s clinical data on treating Old Dogs and Young Dogs with arthritis.


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