May 31, 2011

Why aren’t other diseases and injuries treated with stem cells?

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Arthritis in dogs is what has been treated most often with partial tears of cruciate ligaments coming in second. However, Vet-Stem is part of an international effort that is exploring the ways that stem cells can be used to treat many of the major diseases and injuries known to veterinary and human medicine.  

Before it was common to treat arthritis in dogs with stem cells, Vet-Stem reviewed the work done by others that might be relevant, then we worked with a few veterinarians and owners to determine what effect stem cell therapy for arthritis has on a dog’s lameness and quality of life and then moved into doing studies, eventually publishing a peer reviewed article about a blinded, controlled multicenter study. This is also how Vet-Stem approaches other diseases.

  1. Extensively review research done by others, if there is any.
  2. Review the cause of the disease and how stem cells might work to control or heal that disease.
  3. Do some cases making sure the owners and veterinarians are fully informed that it is not known whether stem cell therapy will help. (Safety has been shown in over 3200 dogs and 4200 horses)
  4. If the initial cases show promise then a small pilot study is done.
  5. If the pilot study had good outcomes then a blinded, controlled multicenter study is performed.

For now, we believe we have a responsibility to dog owners and veterinarians to provide guidance for stem cell use in conditions that are still being studied or ones that do not make sense. As more uses for stem cells are shown to be safe and effective Vet-Stem will expand our recommendations for stem cell use in veterinary medicine.


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