May 5, 2010

What topics about arthritis in dogs would you like to discuss?

It’s been eight months since I started blogging – more that 60 posts about arthritis in dogs and the causes, treatments, and prevention.  Topics like diet, exercise, and stem cell therapy.  We have also shared our pain and talked about how to tell if your pet has arthritis.

Great stories of dogs and their owners and veterinarians have been posted.  We have linked you to other experts and analysis of the latest research data and reports.  I hope you have gained a better understanding of arthritis and how to prevent or treat it in your own animals.

I wanted to take a moment to first thank you for reading the blog and for posting great comments and personal stories.  As I look forward to posting another 60 posts, I would like your feedback and ideas.  Please take a moment to comment here on the blog about subjects that deserve more coverage or give suggestions on topics you’d like to discuss.  Let me know if you would like to hear more life stories about real animals and their owners and vets who have worked to improve their quality of life.  This is my passion and our patients have a lot to share.  But it is very important to me to cover the most important subjects for you.  I look forward to reading your comments.


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