Aug 11, 2023

VetStem Cell Therapy for Feline Kidney Disease

VetStem Cell Therapy, while commonly used to treat orthopedic conditions in dogs and horses, has also been successfully used to treat a number of other diseases. One such disease is kidney disease in cats. Nearly 250 cats have received VetStem Cell Therapy for kidney disease.

Kidney disease is one of the most common causes of sickness and death in cats. Common symptoms can include weight loss, lethargy, variable appetite, and poor coat quality. Some cats may also drink and urinate more, vomit, or have diarrhea.

Unfortunately, treatment options for cats with kidney disease are limited and can be costly. The good news is, based upon our own data as well as the data of others, we believe that stem cells may help improve the symptoms and quality of life in some cats with kidney disease. In fact, a review of a small number of feline patients treated with VetStem Cell Therapy showed that blood kidney values were slightly to moderately improved after treatment.

Anecdotal data from pet owners and veterinarians suggests that treatment with VetStem Cell Therapy helps to improve symptoms associated with kidney disease. Owners have reported improved appetites, weight gain, and increased energy. That being said, more data is necessary regarding the use of VetStem Cell Therapy for cats with kidney disease. Thus, we continue to research the use of stem cells for this condition under one of VetStem’s clinical research programs.

If you think your cat may benefit from treatment with VetStem Cell Therapy, speak to your veterinarian or contact us to receive a list of qualified VetStem providers near you.


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