Jan 12, 2024

VetStem Cell Therapy for Dog with IVDD

Posted by Bob under Dog Back Pain, IVDD

Tomorrow is National French Bulldog Day! These snuggly, squished-face cuties have gained popularity in recent years but, as is the case with many purebred dogs, it’s important to note that they are susceptible to certain health conditions including spinal disorders. One of the most common neurological conditions affecting Frenchies is Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD).

IVDD is a degenerative condition that affects the spinal discs in dogs. In French Bulldogs, IVDD can be particularly problematic due to their unique body structure. With their short legs and long bodies, extra strain is placed on their intervertebral discs. When the discs become weakened or herniated, this causes compression on the surrounding nerves and/or spinal cord, which can lead to pain and mobility issues, including temporary or permanent paralysis.

One example is Lady Josephine Beatrix Von Snugglebottom (aka Jojo). At just 6 months old, she was suffering from severe IVDD and spinal cord compression. At the time, she was unable to use her back legs for about one month. Jojo underwent surgery to relieve the pressure on her spine and aid in preventing further damage. She also received daily laser therapy and weekly acupuncture treatments. There was noticeable improvement in the strength in her legs, and she was able to hold herself up unassisted approximately two months after surgery. She still required a wheelchair however.

Shortly thereafter, Jojo was treated with VetStem Cell Therapy to aid the further healing of her spine. She received two intravenous injections of her own stem cells approximately one month apart. Her owner noted that following the treatment with stem cells, she was finally able to get around without her wheelchair. She began to run and, according to her owner, she hasn’t stopped since! Check out this adorable video of Jojo.

While many veterinarians have treated similar conditions with VetStem Cell Therapy and have seen remarkable results, it’s important to note that the research is ongoing for this condition and each dog will respond differently to treatment. A case such as Jojo’s falls under our Clinical Research Program for canine back pain. If you think your pet may benefit from treatment with VetStem Cell Therapy, speak to your veterinarian or contact us to receive a list of VetStem providers near you.  


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