Mar 29, 2024

VetStem Celebrates Stem Cell Milestone: Over 16,000 Samples

Posted by Bob under VetStem

We’re back with some big VetStem news! We recently reached an industry leading milestone: VetStem has processed over 16,000 patient samples resulting in over 38,000 stem cell treatments for animals across the U.S. and Canada. That makes for a lot of happy pets and owners!

For over two decades, VetStem has been leading the charge in regenerative veterinary medicine. With our patented technology, we help veterinarians tackle orthopedic and other degenerative conditions. From arthritic joints, injured tendons and ligaments, and even organ failure like kidney disease, VetStem has treated over 40 disease processes in 60 species (including people through our sister company, Personalized Stem Cells).

As you may already know, VetStem is not just helping dogs, cats, and horses. We have also teamed up with numerous exotic animal organizations to provide stem cell therapy for multiple exotic species. Like domestic animals, exotic animals have received stem cell therapy for everything from orthopedic conditions to viral diseases to organ failure to traumatic injuries and more. We take our job very seriously when it comes to the research and development of innovative regenerative medicine treatments for animals and diseases that have minimal treatment options. Just last year, we sponsored a first of its kind stem cell workshop supporting wildlife conservation.

This latest milestone is a testament to the trust that veterinarians and pet owners place in VetStem’s regenerative therapies. And for that, we are incredibly grateful. As we celebrate this achievement and our 20th year providing lifesaving stem cell treatments, we continue to remain committed to ongoing research and development to further expand the applications of regenerative therapeutics.  


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