Nov 3, 2010

Vet-Stem Presents at International Fat Stem Cell Meeting

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Vet-Stem Speaks at IFATS 2010

This last week I was privileged to be an invited speaker at the International Stem Cell Meeting in Dallas.  The focus was the science and clinical use of stem cells derived from fat tissue for use in humans and our animals.  There were speakers from 27 different countries!    I presented our clinical data on arthritis in dogs and how stem cells have helped 1000’s of dogs in the US.  Here are some key facts confirmed by many speakers:

  1. Stem cells from fat are very active and have great clinical benefit in many diseases.
    * This means we have great hope for other pet diseases, not just arthritis
  2. Stem cells that are mixed with the other cells we get from fat make the mix more active than just an isolated stem cell (we use the whole mix at Vet-Stem).
    * This means we have been on the right track the last 7 years!
  3. Taking a sample by simple surgical procedure gives us more of the most active cells than trying to do a liposuction as they do in people (Dr. Yoshimura, Tokyo University)
    * This also means we have been doing this right for a long time!
  4. Tissue engineering is not in the future; it is now.  This is breast cancer awareness month and the cover of Wired magazine, although a little risqué, leads to an article on breast reconstruction for women with post-cancer issues. (
  5. Stem cells can actually attach to blood vessels and pull them open to allow better blood flow in organs like failing kidneys and livers (Dr. Jan Nolta, UC Davis Medical School).
    * More evidence that our research could lead to treatments for liver and kidney disease in the near future.

The progress in the US and internationally has been phenomenal.  I met several veterinarians from Korea working on spinal cord repair and they hope to have breakthroughs in the coming 1-2 years.  I met medical researchers that have already adopted the technology for replacing breast tissue lost due to mastectomy and made worse by radiation and chemotherapy.  One study, although just in mice, showed positive effects of these cells on the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease…hopefully this progresses rapidly.

And in the middle of all of this, veterinary medicine took the limelight with our clinical pioneering of the use of these fat stem cells in the treatment of osteoarthritis in our dogs!  In one panel discussion with 6 other world experts, I think I fielded about half of all the questions.  Our work, and your pets, have helped move this whole field ahead for humans too. 

Next month I will be presenting at the International Cellular Medicine Society Meeting to over 1,000 physician members from around the world and will be presenting a whole hour on our experience in the animal world.   The colleagues and friends I develop at these meetings help us decide what are the best new diseases to try to tackle in veterinary medicine.  Tomorrow I am hosting our colleagues from Australia who are already treating dogs and horses with fat stem cells in Australia!  More later from the front lines of Regenerative Medicine.


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