Jun 15, 2010

The Vet-Stem Lab – Come Take a Private Tour

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Quality is important when it comes to Vet-Stem’s stem cell therapy and the laboratory where your dog’s sample is processed is especially critical.  Our lab is where samples of fat are processed to provide concentrated stem cells for your animal.  Samples arrive daily, are processed the same day and the cell doses are returned to your veterinarian for use in treating arthritis and other orthopedic conditions in dogs, horses and cats within 48 hours of collection.  I have asked Dr. Carolyn Wrightson, our laboratory director, and her staff to write this post to give you a little peek behind the scenes here at Vet-Stem.  You can also watch the Nightline segment to get more of a look at the lab.  Dr. Wrightson and her staff:  Imagine a place where organization is everything: color-coding and to do lists are essential. Sterility and cleanliness are of the utmost importance. Welcome to the Vet-Stem Laboratory.

Working in a clean laboratory may seem daunting to some, but it comes quite naturally to us.  We love our lab in order. We have a specific place for every document, a unique identifier number for every patient sample, reagent, and piece of equipment. Each room in the laboratory is stocked with binders containing all of our Standard Operating Procedures.  All of our lab technicians must complete special training before they can handle your dog’s precious sample.  This intense organization allows the lab to run smoothly and efficiently each day.

Everyone working in the lab has a college degree or special technical training. Two of the lab supervisors have PhDs, and one lab supervisor is Vet-Stem’s first employee. Though we admit we all love our science, we also have a large place in our hearts for animals. Five of us have dogs that we adore.  If you spent a day in the lab with us, you would know all about our dogs because we can’t stop talking about them!

Here are some other fun facts about our lab:

1. Our favorite days:
          a. When we have a record amount of fat (currently 430g), number of patient samples in one day (currently 40)
               or a record number of doses stored for one patient (currently 44)
          b. When we receive a sample from an animal with a great animal name, for example, Mabel Syrup, Tater Tot, 
               Chubs, Poupy Doupy.
          c. When an owner writes a letter to VS about an animal’s recovery with stem cells
2. Most common dog names we see are Max and Maggie
3. Most common horse names we see are Cody and Bella

We also have a full time Quality Assurance Group that provides constant teaching, oversight of quality operations and coordinates the training records of all the staff.  They conduct regular inspections of the equipment, cleanliness, and the technical work using the FDA Good Tissue Practices guidelines for tissue handling and lab operations to help insure the highest quality.

Working in the Vet-Stem Lab is a wonderful career.  We not only get to work in the cutting-edge field of Regenerative Medicine, but we also get the satisfaction of knowing that we are helping animals lead more fulfilling lives. For us, it’s a perfect combination.  If you are ever in Poway, California, just give us a call for a personal tour.


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