Nov 10, 2023

VetStem Sponsored Wildlife Conservation Stem Cell Workshop

Posted by Bob under Exotic Animals, VetStem

As you may know, VetStem has worked with multiple exotic animal organizations to provide stem cell therapy to several exotic species including elephants, bears, numerous aquatic animals, and big cats, just to name a few. These animals have been treated for everything from orthopedic conditions to viral diseases to organ failure to traumatic injuries and more. Given our great deal of experience, it’s no wonder that VetStem CEO, Dr. Bob Harman, was recently invited to participate in the first of its kind stem cell workshop supporting wildlife conservation.

VetStem user, Dr. Jeff Christiansen, treating Brody, a black bear at the Brevard Zoo

The Stem Cell Technology for Genetic Rescue Workshop was held on September 17-20, 2023, in La Jolla, California. The workshop brought together 45 global leaders in stem cell science to share their experience and expertise and to discuss how stem cell technology can further wildlife conservation efforts. Not only did Dr. Harman bring real life experiences to the discussion, VetStem was also a sponsor of the workshop.

At VetStem, we take our job very seriously when it comes to the research and development of innovative regenerative medicine treatments for animals and diseases that have minimal treatment options. Maintaining the health and well-being of endangered exotic animals is particularly crucial and has become a community effort.

While our primary goal is to bring relief to the animals that need it, there is potential that stored stem cells may aid in wildlife conservation efforts down the line. VetStem has the ability to cryopreserve stem cells and currently has a bank of stem cells from over 40 different exotic animal species. We are happy to contribute to the mission and will continue our own research to develop potentially life-saving stem cell treatments for these animals.