Jun 15, 2010

The Vet-Stem Lab – Come Take a Private Tour

Posted by Bob under Stem Cell Therapy

Quality is important when it comes to Vet-Stem’s stem cell therapy and the laboratory where your dog’s sample is processed is especially critical.  Our lab is where samples of fat are processed to provide concentrated stem cells for your animal.  Samples arrive daily, are processed the same day and the cell doses are returned to your veterinarian for use in treating arthritis and other orthopedic conditions in dogs, horses and cats within 48 hours of collection.  I have asked Dr. Carolyn Wrightson, our laboratory director, and her staff to write this post to give you a little peek behind the scenes here at Vet-Stem.  You can also watch the Nightline segment to get more of a look at the lab.  Read the rest of this entry »