Apr 13, 2012

Horse Champion a Medical Miracle after Vet-Stem Cell Therapy

In this blog, we generally discuss arthritis in dogs.  Today I wanted to share a story of arthritis in an amazing horse.  Now picture, a horse is over 1000 pounds and will NOT lay down and rest on command!  The owners, Liz, Sylvia and Elli, tell this story:

“In late 2006, we noticed that Merritt, A National Champion purebred Arabian horse, was limping at the canter; then he began limping at the trot. It was determined that the cartilage in his right hind fetlock (like an ankle) had disintegrated.  Before stem cell therapy, he could only walk.  We consulted Dr. John McCarroll of Equine Medical Association (940 365-9325)  in Pilot Point, Texas and he recommended the Vet-Stem therapy for Merritt.

Dr. McCarroll did the procedure in August of 2007, after which we slowly began getting Merritt back into condition.  He has since recovered and has steadily regained strength.

He began showing with Sylvia (shown riding here) in performance classes in 2008 and in 2009 placed TOP 10/19 in Purebred English Show Hack, 14-17, at Youth Nationals.  He is now showing in English Show Hack and Dressage!

CP Merritt continues to give all that he has and is never happier than when he is in the show arena. We consider him a MEDICAL MIRACLE!

Vet-Stem Cell Therapy was the answer for Merritt.  He is also a great example of how long the stem cell therapy can provide relief, and all while he was back in the show ring!  Maybe the horses can teach the dogs a few tricks??

Sep 30, 2009

Healing your horse’s bowed tendon with stem cells

Posted by Bob under Concurrent Therapies, Horse Injuries

A bowed tendon is commonly an injury to end horse’s racing career, and even result in death, but now stem cells are changing that. The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal highlights the use of fat derived stem cells and tendon repair in horses.  Bowed tendons are common in many horse sports.  Stem cells from fat may be able to help your dog that has a partially torn tendon.

Do you compete with your horse or dog?

Sep 10, 2009

Stem cell use in horses and dogs

Since I started Vet-Stem in 2003, over 3,000 horses have been treated. A lot of those horses may have had to find other careers if it were not for their stem cell treatments. One horse that was able to continue his racing career is Greg’s Gold.

And the dogs, well it has been so rewarding to bring back the puppy!! Now, over 2,000 dogs have been treated. Dogs with joint disease, dogs with tendon injuries, dogs in pain.

Hip dysplasia is a terrible disease and it meant that the poor dog was condemned to a life of pain. Now there is a new way to treat these dogs with arthritis related to hip dysplasia, elbow dyplasia and other conformational diseases.

What is bringing about this change? Well stem cell use is now being taught at veterinary continuing education meetings. This past July, the American Veterinary Medical Association meeting in Seattle hosted a full day of stem cells talks to bring veterinarians up to date on stem cells. Vet-Stem provided the credentialing course for all veterinarians interested in adding this regenerative science to their practice. In the afternoon, leading surgeons shared their stories and practice techniques with other veterinarians. If you want your veterinarian to learn more about stem cells, you can download this letter and take it your veterinarian for discussion. If your veterinarian is already credentialed, take this checklist with you to fully discuss the possibility of stem cell therapy for your dog.