Oct 13, 2009

Pet Pill Poppers vs Stem Cells

More exciting news just released from Vet-Stem. We encourage our dog owners to fill out evaluation forms to tell us how their dogs are feeling after a stem cell treatment for arthritis and other  injuries. What became very interesting is that many of them started to write in their own comments like “Rusty is no longer on his pain meds!”

After seeing a trend in the write ins, we re-designed our evaluations to find out if other pet owners were experiencing the same thing. Read the rest of this entry »

Sep 16, 2009

Stem Cell treatment relieving Indianapolis dog’s pain

Owner Spotlight: Deanna and Zach Winter

For 14-year-old Zack, “His main problem is arthritis,” said owner Deanna Winter. “Trouble walking, trouble sitting and going upstairs.” So she decided to take him to see Dr. Ealing at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic, where he recommended stem cell therapy using stem cells from his own fat. “His quality of life was going down. He couldn’t make it around the block anymore,” said Winter. Read the rest of this entry »