Oct 14, 2010

Stem Cells Keep Tank Running

Dogs, like people, vary in their need and desire for physical activity; while a Border Collie never seems to stop “working” (be that managing an actual herd, or monitoring the goings-on of all living beings in the household), a Great Dane is content to meander outside for a quick potty break and then spend the next several hours power napping on a cushy bed. And like humans, many dogs who thrive on activity would rather suffer through pain and discomfort after the fact than give up the things they love to do.

Tank is just such a dog; even at 10 years old, the Malamute mix was willing to endure a days-long limp after his regular jaunts through the Canadian wilderness where his family spends half their time, rather than relax on the sidelines. When Dr. Matthew Barnhart, a veterinary orthopedic specialist in Worthington, Ohio, suggested Vet-Stem Cell Therapy for Tank’s advanced arthritis, Tank’s owners agreed. In May of 2009, Dr. Barnhart injected both of Tank’s arthritic elbows with Vet-Stem processed stem cells.

Although significant improvement was not seen right away, about three months after the injections Tank began swimming and exploring the uneven terrain along the lakeshore near home, which his owners had not seen him do for more than a year. “Best of all,” says his Dad, “he is much less prone to injury; when he does suffer an injury, the resulting limp is gone within hours rather than days.

Although his activity level is not what it was when he was in his prime, thanks to stem cells, Tank’s arthritis is no longer preventing him from enthusiastically partaking in his beloved summer activities (canoeing across the lake, chasing off wildlife that strays too close to his turf) as well as winter fun (running along with the snowmobiles). According to his owner, “At age 12, Tank remains a very active dog with a seemingly unquenchable zest for life.”


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