May 21, 2010

Stem Cells for Pets – Research or Clinical Reality?

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People often believe that Vet-Stem is in the business of Stem Cell Research.  In reality, we are in the business of delivering an animals own stem cells to practicing vets for treatment of arthritis in real patients every day.  My partner of over 20 years is Mr. Mike Dale.  He is the Chief Operations Officer for Vet-Stem and also the head of Marketing.  It is his job to deliver the message about real stem cell therapy to our veterinary customers, and to you.  I asked him to write a short post to you:

How we communicate stem cell medicine to the world.
         By Mike Dale

I have an interesting job.  I get to communicate a message of hope and life changing medicine.  I get to offer the future of medicine today, every day.

Think about the first time that you heard about stem cells for dogs.  What went through your mind?

  • Aren’t stem cells illegal?
  • Aren’t stem cells immoral and controversial?
  • Aren’t stem cells some distant potential medicine?
  • Aren’t stem cells so expensive that no one can afford treatment?
  • Stem cells from fat?  You have to be kidding!

What do you believe now?  Has your experience with stem cell therapy or the information that we have provided changed what you think is possible today?  If so, we have done our job.

We attempt to communicate the reality of stem cell therapy in a responsible and effective way.  To veterinarians we need to demonstrate that stem cells work well and that they are safe.  To you, the pet and horse owners, we need to be honest about what to expect and admit that there are things in this new medicine frontier that we do not yet understand.  We often have to soften your expectations because the media has associated stem cells with miracles and the “fountain of youth.”

Most importantly, we have to bridge the gap between what people think is available now, compared to what they see as only futuristic.  We walk through the questions above and also many more questions from you and from your veterinarian.  This is why almost half of our employees are dedicated to education and training of veterinarians and pet owners.  We hope that you have found this blog, our Facebook page, and the Vet-Stem website useful.  If there are ways that we can improve how we impact the world of dogs, cats, horses, owners, and veterinarians then please drop me a note anytime. 

We are honored by the opportunity to be the first in the world offering stem cell therapy for pets.

Mike Dale
COO, VP Sales and Marketing
Vet-Stem, Inc


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