Apr 25, 2011

Stem Cell Therapy has Gone to the Dogs… Literally

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis, Stem Cell Therapy

Among the queries we see most commonly from owners of arthritic dogs are those regarding how long the therapy will last and how frequently a pet might need to be re-injected. While the degree of response, as well as the duration, is as individual as each pet whose sample we process, Fox 2 News in St. Louis recently covered the stories of two dogs. Riley, a Bernese Mountain Dog was originally treated at a year and a half and then again a year later, and today is still playing and running with gusto at four. Also featured is Bravo, a Papillon originally treated at eight years old and then again at nine and is still loving Agility at ten plus thanks to Dr. James Schuessler and Vet-Stem. See the story here.  With Riley being a very large breed, and Bravo, a small breed, it demonstrates that all sizes of dogs with arthritis can be helped by stem cell therapy.   Also, notice that Riley was very young and Bravo considerably older.  Vet-Stem has compiled the data for old dogs and for young dogs so that you can see how your dog might respond.  Make sure you discuss this with your veterinarian or go to the Vet-Stem website to locate a veterinarian with special training in stem cell therapy.


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