Sep 26, 2011

Service Dog Chancer Receives Stem Cell Therapy

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The impact of a dogs love, devotion, and special training often makes a huge difference in the lives of people.  Our clinical studies have often described a significant improvement in pain reduction for dogs with arthritis, but sometimes the biggest improvement is in the quality of life as seen by the dog owner.  This is particularly true in the case of service dogs that have a special bond with the people that depend on them for help and support. 

Meet Chancer, a service dog for Iyal Winolur. Chancer is an extraordinary service dog specially trained for fetal alcohol syndrome that has helped Iyal since he was 9. Chancer is featured in the book, “My Invisible World – Life with my Brother his disability and his service dog.” The story of Chancer, treated by Dr. JoAnne Roesner at Loving Hands in Alpharetta, is a story that touches our hearts and reminds us that every dog that is treated is a valuable, and sometimes critically important, part of a family’s life. 

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