Nov 16, 2010

Quality is Critical to Stem Cell Therapy – Insider’s Tour

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Just like with a medical drug, stem cells must be collected and handled in the highest quality manner in order to maximize their good effects and safety.  If your dog’s arthritis is the reason you are seeking stem cell therapy, you expect and deserve the very highest quality.  When your Veterinarian collects a small sample of fat, it is done in an operating room with special attention to aseptic technique, meaning they use sterile gloves, instruments, and transport tubes.  The sample is then placed into a specially designed shipping container with a custom refrigeration pack.  The sample is shipped overnight by FedEx Priority Alert to our laboratory in San Diego, CA.  There are dozens of safety and quality checks as the sample makes its way through the aseptic processing by specially trained technicians following detailed written instructions.  Many steps are double checked by a second technician.

I could go on and on about the 400 quality documents, automated training records for the technicians and more.  But sometimes a picture, or video, is worth a thousand words.  Our team has created an “Insider’s Tour” video of the Vet-Stem facility and laboratories.  Come meet the team and see why we believe we have the highest quality stem cell lab in the world! 

Vet-Stem Lab “Insider’s Tour”

And if you are ever in the area, you have a personal invitation to come see the miracle of providing quality stem cell therapy.

Bob Harman, DVM


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