Oct 13, 2009

Pet Pill Poppers vs Stem Cells

More exciting news just released from Vet-Stem. We encourage our dog owners to fill out evaluation forms to tell us how their dogs are feeling after a stem cell treatment for arthritis and other  injuries. What became very interesting is that many of them started to write in their own comments like “Rusty is no longer on his pain meds!”

After seeing a trend in the write ins, we re-designed our evaluations to find out if other pet owners were experiencing the same thing. More than 216 owners responded with more evaluations coming in weekly. We are really excited to report that greater than 28% of the pet owners had decreased the dosage of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and 33% had totally discontinued them altogether. That is a greater than 61% that decreased or lowered their dog’s use of NSAIDs completely!

When you consider the costs of prescription pain medication and that arthritis is a life long disease, stem cells could be a cost effective way to help with your pet’s pain.

Also, the other benefit is that you are using your dogs own cells- not an artificial substance that helps mask your pet’s pain and may have harmful side effects. For a real life story of a pet that is now living pill free, read about how stem cells helped Chester and his arthritis.

How do you get your dog to take his/her medications?


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