Mar 22, 2011

Pet Owners Go the Extra Mile to Help Their Dog’s Arthritis

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Stem cell therapy is just one of the advanced procedures being done to help you improve your pet’s quality of life. I recently saw an incredible news story on WHAM, Channel 13 ABC, in Rochester, NY.   “ “He’s Part of the Family”  is about two pet owners who go to amazing lengths to care for their beloved dogs.

In the first story, a 7-year old Springer Spaniel named Riddle had apparently been hit by a vehicle and was abandoned and left to heal on his own. By the time Riddle was adopted, his bones were “healed at odd angles” and his veterinarian, Dr. Justin Greco, referred to him as “an orthopedic train wreck” with inflamed arthritis and damage to his hips, knees and elbows. 

Dr. Greco is an orthopedic specialist at the prestigious Veterinary Specialists of Rochester.  Riddle ended up having 3 surgeries and was also treated with stem cells for his arthritis.  Now Riddle is “walking, even running” again after his new lease on life. When asked why his owner decided to spend the money on Riddle, his response, “if we had a child we would certainly spend the money, so this is really no different.”

Bobby, a 10 year old Pekinese had been without his vision for at least 4 years. Arriving at the vet office blind, he underwent eye surgery for his cataracts and left the office having his sight restored. His owner says “Bobby can’t tell us what it’s like but for the first time all day he is turning his head back and forth following the action in the room…he let out a few excited barks, and his tail is moving back and forth.”  This is an amazing surgery and improves the quality of life in any animal lucky enough to receive it.   This procedure does not involve stem cells, but there is hope that stem cells can be used in the future to help in the treatment of blindness and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA), a common condition in breeds such as the Collie.

With all the latest medical breakthroughs, it’s exciting to see the future in veterinary medicine coming to reality and bringing help to our pets so they can live long, healthy and happy lives.

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