Aug 5, 2010

Multiple Treatments, Multiple Benefits for Dog Arthritis

One of the benefits of Vet-Stem Cell Therapy is our ability to store your dog’s stem cells for future use beyond the initial treatment.  Although about 65% of even old dogs are not retreated in the first year and some are now three years without retreatment, each dog is different and new injuries do occur.

Case in point: Zeus, a 10 year old German Shepherd who suffered from hip dysplasia and the accompanying arthritis in those joints. In July of 2009, Zeus’ owner decided to have Dr. Michael Hoelzler of Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls, New Jersey perform the Vet-Stem procedure on the 10 year old German Shepherd. 

Improvement was apparent within three weeks, as Zeus climbed in and out of the car with ease and navigated stairs with no problem; he was even able to jump on the couch again. About six months later, after noticing some stiffness returning to Zeus’ gait, his owner opted to have Dr. Hoelzler re-inject Zeus’ hips with additional stem cell doses, which had been banked at Vet-Stem following the initial treatment. That treatment again brought relief to Zeus. Then in May of 2010, Dr. Hoelzler gave Zeus an IV dose of his own healing cells along with re-treating the hips, and those results were the most dramatic.  “I noticed an improvement immediately,” said Zeus’ owner afterwards. “I couldn’t be happier. I feel that he is even better now than after the first time, and I will continue this therapy because I truly believe it works. Every time I see my 10 ½ year old Shepherd run to the door for his walks I know I made the right decision.”


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