Dec 1, 2023

Meet VetStem’s Newest Cats for National Cat Lovers’ Month

Posted by Bob under Cats

Today officially kicks off National Cat Lovers’ Month and we want to introduce you to the newest members of the VetStem Clowder! But first, if you’re curious about how VetStem Cell Therapy can be used in cats, check out our recent blog.

This sweet orange boy is Rusty. His favorite activities include causing trouble and stealing the dog’s bed. Additionally, he has a hankering for food that rivals a teenage boy. It’s been reported that he has already figured out how to open the pantry door. He’s also been known to jump on the dining room table and climb legs to access the food that should surely be shared with him. His mom is excited (or not…) to see how he reacts to the Christmas tree. Who wants to take bets on how that goes?


Our newest addition doesn’t have an official name yet, though he has earned a few nicknames including “Mako” (as in the shark…) or just simply, “Crazy.” He’s a rescue Siamese who was found in a box at just a week old. He was nursed back to health and is now lovingly described as “AWFUL but cute.” As you can see from his picture below, he loves to play with (read: torment) his dog sister, Darby. We know it’s not a great picture, but we feel it captures his personality perfectly. Darby wants to know if anyone would like a free Siamese kitten?

Mako “playing” with Darby

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