Aug 12, 2010

Lucky Dog – A Tribute to Bosco

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I haven’t heard every story and I haven’t met every dog, but life experience as a vet and a dog lover has shown me some basic truths that are sometimes hard to swallow.  Like how our four-legged friends don’t live as long as we do.  As a matter of fact, they typically accompany us on this earth only a fraction of our lives, yet their impact is immeasurable and even hard to explain.  They love unconditionally.  When we need a friendly ear they listen with doe eyes.  They are always waiting for us right by the door when they hear the car pull up in the driveway.  They even sense when we are blue and give us some extra slobbery kisses to make us feel better.  Dogs are truly man’s (and woman’s) best friend.

The following is the story of Bosco, as told by Ms. April Treadwell, who’s Uncle is Bosco’s Dad:

Bosco was one of those adorable chocolate lab mixes straight from the animal shelter that needed no introduction to life.  He was exploring and befriending everyone from day one, no questions asked.  His favorite thing to do was to race laps around the backyard, skirting as close to the fence as he could, around the koi pond and behind the juniper trees on the far left.  The ball that had been thrown for him was all but forgotten as he sprinted at break-neck speed.  If you tried to grab him, he would tuck his tail under, grin even wider with tongue lolling to the side, and run even faster.  He could do that all day if you let him.

As time began to take its toll and the white highlights spread on his nose, his general care was a more important factor.  He was treated like a family member from the beginning, but as he aged he was given even more attention to make sure he was healthy.  He loved his daily walks where he used to run to his hearts content, until later when he was kept to a walk to save his legs from arthritis.  His teeth were cleaned once a year until anesthesia proved too much for him and then was switched to Greenies and manual brushing.  He enjoyed the vet recommended mixture of food and the only substitute he was allowed to indulge in was popcorn, which he loved.  His family likes to think that maybe the popcorn had some magical quality that kept him going for so long!  And perhaps most importantly, he was given love and attention every day, just about all day long. 

He was a very spoiled dog, but isn’t that a requirement?  When you sign on the dotted line to care for an animal, isn’t that one of the checkboxes?  “I solemnly swear to spoil this dog rotten.”  To that end, he scarfed down two Milkbone dog biscuits every night before he crawled into his palace…a walk-in closet with doggie doors so that he had quiet time if he wanted it but could come and go as he pleased.  And he went everywhere with the family, to work, camping, to garage sales, shopping, and on vacation.  What a lucky dog!

A few months ago we posted about how Pets Improve Our Health.  Bosco has helped show us that we improve theirs as well by paying attention, taking them to the vet at least once a year (more frequently if there are any issues), feeding them right, giving them plenty of exercise, and most importantly, by loving them.

Bosco went to Doggie Heaven just a few weeks ago at the age of seventeen.


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