Jul 6, 2010

Is the Arthritis in My Older Dog Too Advanced for Stem Cells?

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis, Stem Cell Therapy

In my previous post, I discussed the fact that many of our patients are older dogs, and that the vast majority of owners who completed voluntary surveys considered their pets’ quality of life to have been improved following Vet-Stem Cell Therapy. Now that you know older dogs have been treated successfully, you may wonder whether your dog’s arthritis may be too advanced to see such gains. According to the veterinarians treating these older dogs, 76% of them were considered to be arthritic to a severe or “last resort” degree.  So even with advanced or severe arthritis, older dogs often benefit by undergoing stem cell therapy. Again, to see the survey results, click here: Osteoarthritis and the Older Dog.

Please check out these previous posts about dogs with severe arthritis and how they recovered after treatment with stem cells. 


Make sure you talk to your veterinarian about options such as stem cells for arthritis, even if your buddy is older or has very severe arthritis.  

Check back with us again for quality of life data for old dogs treated with stem cells.


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