Aug 20, 2009

Are stem cells right for your dog’s arthritis or tendon injury?

Is your dog showing signs of arthritis? Does your dog have difficulty getting up, low activity level, can’t get in and out of the car and is no longer the fun loving dog you remember- more like the grumpy old man? Many pet owners think this is just a part of getting old. However, it is amazing what pet owners tell us after their pet has been treated with their own stem cells. “Like a puppy again!” “More energy”. One of the most rewarding experiences we have at Vet-Stem is to receive information like this!

Stem cell therapy works best if your dog is injected in the specific limb joints (hips, elbows etc.) that are the problem. In order to find out which joints are the problem, your veterinarian will need to do a thorough exam. At this exam, your veterinarian will also check any growths to be sure they are not cancerous.

The Vet-Stem process can only be done by veterinarians credentialed by Vet-Stem. If your veterinarian isn’t already credentialed, he or she can complete an online training course located on our website. On the Vet-Stem website you will also find information you can take to your veterinarian to introduce the process as well as a checklist to use when discussing stem cell therapy for your dog with your veterinarian.

If your dog has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia or elbow dysplasia, they may be suffering from the pain related to arthritis. Stem Cells will not change the dysplasia, but they can be very helpful in pain relief, increasing range of motion and allowing you to gently exercise your pet back to good health.

Do you think your dog has arthritis?


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