Mar 24, 2010

Gogo gets his fat collected for stem cell therapy! (part 3)

Once it was determined that Gogo was a good candidate for stem cell therapy, his veterinarian did a full pre-surgical work up to determine if Gogo’s kidney, liver, heart and other organs were in good working order.  In order to collect the fat from Gogo, he would need to go under anesthesia for a brief time.  His blood work and chest films came back with information that determined he was a healthy senior citizen.  Surgery was scheduled and fat was collected!  The fat from Gogo was collected from internal fat, the omentum and the falciform ligament.  These two sources are rich in stem cells.  Like many senior dogs, Gogo was not as trim as he used to be, so it was easy to collect several tubes of fat.

The fat was then sent to the Vet-Stem Laboratory in San Diego, California.  There at Vet-Stem’s stem cell laboratory, the highly trained technicians isolated Gogo’s stem cells and then sent them back to Gogo’s doctor for injection into his arthritic joints.  In future blogs I will keep you updated on Gogo’s progress.

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