Sep 16, 2009

Stem Cell treatment relieving Indianapolis dog’s pain

Owner Spotlight: Deanna and Zach Winter

For 14-year-old Zack, “His main problem is arthritis,” said owner Deanna Winter. “Trouble walking, trouble sitting and going upstairs.” So she decided to take him to see Dr. Ealing at Broad Ripple Animal Clinic, where he recommended stem cell therapy using stem cells from his own fat. “His quality of life was going down. He couldn’t make it around the block anymore,” said Winter.

Two months after stem cell therapy, Zach still has arthritis “but he can walk and he can sit and he can jump and he can go up stairs.” Winter, a people doctor, says the quality is back in his life.
“The stem cells are the body’s own natural healing cells,” said Dr. Ealing. When injected at an injured site, “those cells then recruit the body’s own natural healing cells to come to that area, reduce inflammation, potentially to regenerate damaged tissue.”

Is your dog still able to play like he/she used to?


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