Dec 1, 2010

The Vet-Stem Customer Service Team

Posted by Bob under Stem Cell Therapy

Since you all know my focus on quality, I would like to introduce you to another group at Vet-Stem, the Customer Service Team:

We would like to introduce ourselves; we are Kristi, Angie, Whitney, and Kim also known as the ladies of Customer Service. We are the frontline of interaction at Vet-Stem and are determined to provide the critical assistance and resources available to our valued customers in the most helpful way possible.  Though diverse in backgrounds and varied in our individual life experiences, we share a common bond with Veterinarians, their staff and pet owners alike that makes us dedicated to what we do.  

We all love animals.  Collectively, we have five dogs (Chili Pepper Magilicuty, Schnoodle Von Doggen, Moxie, Piper and Brogan) , eight cats (Romeo, Oliver, Lil’ Miss Pipsqueak, Ding Dong, Pywacket, Phini, Perkins and Grady) and three parrots (Marley, Baxter, Murphy). Between us we have worked in clinics, pet stores and boarding facilities, raised birds, fostered kittens and adopted shelter pets, all of which have brought us great joy.  One of the greatest joys we have however is sharing in the success stories we hear from owners who have seen their dogs return to the play that injury or arthritis inhibited them from, or who have watched their horses return to the same level of work or competition they had reached before they were injured.  So if you have questions about Vet Stem, or if you want to share a story of success, we would love to hear from you here, or you can give us a shout out on Facebook, and maybe even upload a picture of your four legged family member. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Customer Service Team at Vet-Stem.


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