Apr 14, 2011

Good News for Dogs with Arthritis in Canada

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis, Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy has been available to veterinarians and the dog, cat and horse owners of Canada for more than four years.  Vet-Stem has been proud to be the supplier and we have many strong friendships with Canadian vets and owners.  But last year, a Canadian Company, Avivagen, came to us and wanted to become the Canadian provider of Vet-Stem services with a laboratory located in Canada. 

We checked them out and were excited to find that they had the same passion for pets and high quality as our whole team at Vet-Stem!  So we all at Vet-Stem set a training and development plan to assist Avivagen in creating Vet-Stem Canada.  After months of rigorous training and laboratory validation, Avivagen has now launched (March, 2011) their Vet-Stem RC (Regenerative Cells) service!  Their quality systems, personnel training, and commitment to service meets our requirements. 

 If you are a dog, cat or horse owner in Canada, make sure you check out their great website at www.avivagen.com.  Their laboratory, and veterinary and customer services team support all of Canada. Their local expertise and availability will provide the utmost in regenerative medicine for all the dogs, cats and horses of Canada.


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