Horse Success Stories

Image of Spooks Lil Gun Run AKA Bunny

Spooks Lil Gun Run AKA Bunny

Description: Laminitis with severe rotation of both coffin bones in front feet. 10/10 lameness, unable to walk comfortably. Saw significant improvemen...

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Image of Heartbeat


It was early 2014 when Heartbeat, a 16 year old Oldenburg gelding, showed signs of lameness in his left front. He was seen by our local vet, Dr. Nanc...

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Image of Cheyenne


At 17 years old, Cheyenne was still a huge part of my riding program. A favorite amongst my riding students and trail riding guests, Cheyenne was my “...

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Image of Atlas


Description Atlas partially tore his front right suspensory ligament when he tripped while loping around a corner. This prevented him from doing any...

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Sonny Bar Lisa

Description: We discovered Sonny has torn his digital flexor tendon in 2010 after performing an MRI. he was lame on that foot for approx 2 months pri...

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Image of San Fransisko aka Sisko

San Fransisko aka Sisko

Description: Degenerative facets and mild, dynamic compression at C4-5 and C5-6, and abnormal spinal cord shape at C6-7. Results: In 2014, I pur...

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Image of CP Merritt

CP Merritt

Description: in 2006, the cartilage in the right hind fetlock disintegrated Results: After the stem cell transplant in 2007, we slowly brought M...

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Image of Blue DiamondZan Gold aka Zan

Blue DiamondZan Gold aka Zan

I battled for years trying to get my horse, Zan, sound. He was constantly lame on his front right fetlock. Joint injections were only lasting 3-6 week...

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Image of Fontainebleau


"Fontainebleau was having difficulty performing high level dressage movements and was 2 out of 5 lame in both stifles due to the cartilage damage."

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Image of Tim McQuay & Mister Nicadual

Tim McQuay & Mister Nicadual

Mister Nicadual suffered a bow on his left front super digital flexor tendon in November 2005. It was stretched and torn and he was unable to work, on...

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Image of Ted Robinson & Stylish

Ted Robinson & Stylish

Seven-Time Winner of the NRCHA Open Snaffle Bit Futurity and Two-Time World's Greatest Horseman Champion
I wasn't sure what to expect when...

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Image of  William Lambright & Brand New Dually

William Lambright & Brand New Dually

I have to give credit to stem cells for Brand New Dually's 100% healing. We just got second in non-pro cutting and we're going to the world competitio...

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Image of Danyelle Campbell & Dimmer

Danyelle Campbell & Dimmer

Multiple IBRA & NBHA Money Winner
My professional barrel racing horse REGAIN FAME, aka Dimmer, was diagnosed with a torn high suspensory o...

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Image of Adam Snow & Rio

Adam Snow & Rio

Thanks to VetStem, Rio is in great shape for the US Open. This was the most successful tendon treatment that I have seen.

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Image of CP Merritt

CP Merritt

In late 2006, his owners noticed that Merritt, A National Champion purebred Arabian horse, was limping at the canter; then he began limping at the tro...

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Image of Tac It Like A Man

Tac It Like A Man

Tac It Like A Man came back very well! We rehabbed him slowly, using swimming to help him come back into light training. Once he was entered back in...

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Image of Renee & Play It Again Sam

Renee & Play It Again Sam

Play it Again Sam (or Sam for short), a 13-year-old Appaloosa/Belgian cross, was lame from two deep flexor tendon lesions on the right front leg. Afte...

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Image of Diane Barber & Jesse

Diane Barber & Jesse

As featured in the January '09 issue of Dressage Today magazine, my beloved Jesse's severe deep flexor tendon injury has successfully healed....

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Image of Zip Mes Asset

Zip Mes Asset

Prior to VetStem Regenerative Cell Therapy we just prayed that Zip Mes Asset, aka Picasso, would be sound enough to ride and be comfortable. When...

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Image of Marcy Jordan & Grey Ghost

Marcy Jordan & Grey Ghost

My rope horse Grey Ghost and I were competing in a jackpot roping when he tore the suspensory ligament in his left front leg. Since Grey is a head hor...

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Image of Deborah & Karen Jerome & A Positive Rob

Deborah & Karen Jerome & A Positive Rob

Rob was 17 years old when he injured himself in November of 2005. We aren't certain how the injury occurred, but he tore the lateral branch of the sus...

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Image of Candy Sweem  & Kirk's Smokin Brakes

Candy Sweem & Kirk's Smokin Brakes

It has been over a year since my quarter horse gelding Smokey severed a tendon on his left hind leg. After being treated with VetStem Regenerative Cel...

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Image of Gabrielle Wigler & Sterling Performance

Gabrielle Wigler & Sterling Performance

Condition prior to VetStem Cell therapy:
Before hearing about VetStem Cell therapy we were told to sell Sterling because he was too much of a ri...

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Image of Donna & Bill Poeta & Losar

Donna & Bill Poeta & Losar

The results were amazing. Thirty days post-treatment, the ultrasound showed healing that would have normally occurred at the five- to six-month stage...

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Joe Kalt & Hick from Tennessee

Last spring and summer we did VetStem cell treatments on my cutting horse, Hick from Tennessee. Hick is a 9-year-old quarter horse gelding who had an...

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Image of Betty Cain Simril & Kidd

Betty Cain Simril & Kidd

I just wanted you to know how far we have come from that first tearful conversation back in mid-January! Thank goodness for that call and for your rec...

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Star Thornton & Cisco

We thought there was no hope for Cisco. It's been three years since the OCD surgery and he was not sound. But after the stem cells, he is sound. Than...

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