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VetStem PrecisePRP™ Canine and PrecisePRP™ Equine

Our novel allogeneic platelet-rich plasma is under FDA review as a Lower Risk Animal Cell and Tissue Product (ACTP). As part of this program, we are offering early access to this product in exchange for providing basic outcome data. Join our clinical development program and help gather dose, use, and outcome information. Contact us to sign up.

PrecisePRP™ is a leucoreduced allogeneic pooled freeze-dried platelet-rich plasma (PRP) product intended to provide a species-specific source of concentrated platelets in plasma for intra-articular administration.

The product design is:

  • Consistent Dose: Each vial contains a consistent dose of 4 billion platelets per vial at a concentration of 500,000 platelets per microliter.
  • Uniformity: Flow cytometric assays demonstrate uniformity in particle size across product batches.
  • Leucoreduced: Less than 1500 white blood cells per microliter and less than 0.01% red blood cells.
  • Donor Screening: All donors are screened using the FDA CVM guidance 254.
  • Quality Testing: Each batch is sterility, endotoxin, and potency tested to meet precise product release specifications.
  • Easy and Convenient: No blood draw or centrifugation, simply reconstitute and you are ready to inject.
  • Shelf Stable: No refrigeration required. Freeze-dried product is shelf stable at room temperature.

PrecisePRP™ is for veterinary use only and is currently available in a species-specific format for dogs and horses.

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Veterinarians - Call 858-748-2004 or email info@vetstem.com to inquire about participation in our clinical development program.

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