Jan 26, 2024

VetStem Reaches Settlement over Stem Cell Patent Dispute

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Last month, VetStem announced the successful resolution of its patent litigation against California Stem Cell Treatment Center, Inc. (“CSCTC”). VetStem, Inc. v. California Stem Cell Treatment Center, Inc. Case No. 2:19-CV-4728-AB filed in the Central District of California, Western Division, centered on CSCTC’s alleged infringement of VetStem’s patented treatment methods using adipose-derived stem cells.

VetStem’s dedication to innovative research in therapeutic applications of adipose-derived stem cells resulted in the issuance of multiple patents, including U.S. Patent No. 9,453,202, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on September 27, 2016. This patent underscores VetStem’s pioneering work in therapeutic applications of adipose-derived stem cells, a field with immense potential for medical breakthroughs.

The legal dispute focused on CSCTC’s alleged infringement of VetStem’s ‘202 Patent, specifically covering regenerative medical treatments for orthopedic conditions. The resolution came on the eve of the trial, with both parties agreeing to a settlement. Dr. Bob Harman, Founder and CEO of VetStem and the named inventor of the ‘202 Patent, expressed his satisfaction, emphasizing VetStem’s commitment to the development of innovative stem cell treatments and technology, along with the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights. VetStem, true to its forward-thinking ethos, actively engages in licensing deals with leading companies and medical professionals in the regenerative medicine field, aimed at expediting the delivery of cutting-edge treatments to patients.

VetStem’s impact extends beyond veterinary applications, as demonstrated by its subsidiary, Personalized Stem Cells, Inc. (PSC). Dedicated to advancing regenerative stem cell therapies for serious human diseases, PSC has achieved rapid clinical trial results from its Phase 2a study focusing on human autologous stem cell therapy for knee osteoarthritis, as well as a Phase 1b intravenous clinical study of human mesenchymal stem cells (COVI-MSC™) for COVID-19 patients. PSC’s rapid progress into clinical applications is facilitated by leveraging VetStem’s extensive database of disease treatments in animals, showcasing an innovative approach that holds promise for transformative developments in regenerative medicine for both animals and humans.

For those interested in licensing VetStem’s technology, please email info@vetstem.com.


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