Sep 15, 2010

Vet-Stem Therapy Gets Police Dog Back on the Job

Posted by Bob under Dog Arthritis

When arthritis affects the abilities of our companion dogs, we can tailor their activities to their limited stamina and mobility. When a canine member of the police force can no longer perform his duties comfortably, retirement becomes an inevitability. Such was the fate that awaited Dasty, a canine officer for the Chicago Police Department, whose arthritis pain was not reliably controlled by physical therapy or medications. According to Dr. Cheryl Adams at Arboretum View Animal Hospital in Downers Grove Illinois, who performed Vet-Stem Cell Therapy on the German Shepherd in early 2010, “Traditional treatments were just not working for him.” At Dr. Adam’s suggestion, Dasty underwent Vet-Stem Cell Therapy in early 2010; now he and his human partner can look forward to several more years of service to their city without being slowed by pain from arthritis. Read the full story here.


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