May 28, 2010

Summer is Here – Traveling with Your Arthritic Dog

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Summer is here and more and more Americans are including their pets in travel plans.  In a survey conducted by, “61 percent of pet owners surveyed said they travel more than 50 miles with their pets at least once a year, with 38 percent of those pet owners stating that they travel as often as once a month with their pets.”

Here are some recommendations on how to make an arthritic dog comfortable when they travel with you.

1. Talk to your veterinarian about the health status of your pet and get clearance to travel. A state health certificate from the state you live in may be necessary if you are crossing state lines. 

2. Refill any medications that your pet may need before you leave.  Stay on time with giving the medications as well.

3. Whether going by car or plane, make sure your pet is well bedded, with thick padding or blankets.  Confinement and a hard surface can cause your pet’s pain from arthritis to flare up.

4. If driving, stop every few hours to let your pet stretch their legs.  If your buddy has difficulty getting up after traveling, you might want to apply hot packs to the effected joint.

5. Have your veterinarian show you simple range of motion and strength exercises you can perform on your pet.  These exercises will help keep the joints moving and build muscle support.  Strong muscle support will help reduce the pain of arthritis.

6.  And like you, your pet will likely want to over-do the fun and exercise in any new environment, so try to keep within their normal range of exercise (I know, party pooper). 

Do you have any other tips for our readers about making an arthritic dog comfortable while traveling?


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