Jun 17, 2010

Stem Cells Help Dog with Arthritis Get Back to Playtime

“Nash had chronic degenerative arthritis in both elbows.  Walking more than 10 minutes would make him lame,” Kristie remembers. 

For those of us who have experienced it or have even seen it take its toll on relatives or pets, we know how debilitating arthritis can be.  Arthritis involves anything from joint inflammation to depletion of the smooth articular cartilage that allows our bones to glide smoothly against each other.  Swelling, stiffness, and pain typically perpetuate the cycle of more swelling, more stiffness, and more pain.  Untreated, arthritis can lead to so much pain and inflammation that the joint may actually become locked in place.  In our pets, we see this in the form of trouble getting up and down, inability to go up stairs or jump in the car, or lameness after short spurts of activity.  Stem cells have greatly improved our treatment options for arthritis in dogs.

Meet Nash, a playful German Shepherd who enjoys long hikes and playing at the dog park.

“From the time Nash completed his stem cell rehab until the present, he is an active and happy dog.  Nash can take long walks (several hours), run and play at the dog park, hike with me and my other German Shepherd 6 miles or more, swim, etc.  In short, he can do everything a dog his age (2 ½ years old) should be doing and he is never lame.

Thank you for giving Nash a life he would not have had without stem cell therapy.”

– Kristie, Nash’s mom


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