Jul 30, 2010

Stem Cell Training for Vets At National Meeting

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This week marks the opening of the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Atlanta.  There are more than 15 lectures dedicated to education in stem cell therapy and many more lectures that will cover stem cells in relation to specific diseases such as arthritis.  What progress compared to six years ago when we launched the first veterinary stem cell company and most people thought real stem cell therapy was many decades in the future.

Regenerative medicine is becoming an everyday part of many practices.  Vet-Stem has offered a free education program to veterinarians for the last three years and over 3,500 veterinarians (10% of all vets in the US!) have taken this coursework and become credentialed in Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cell Therapy.  This means that there are trained veterinarians in every major city in the US that can offer stem cell treatments for arthritis and other diseases. 

We are proud that the AVMA has asked us to present this course three years in a row as part of its annual education program.  We expect several hundred veterinarians to attend 8 hours of training and then return home to their practices to bring the most cutting edge therapy to help treat arthritis in your beloved furry pets.  The lectures cover stem cell science, clinical uses of stem cells, how stem cells work in arthritis and other diseases, and how to implement a stem cell program in a veterinary clinic. I am proud to be one of the six instructors in this course.

If your own veterinarian has not yet taken this course, you can encourage them to sign up for the free course and they get 3 units of nationally approved continuing education credit.  If you want to find a veterinarian in your area already offering stem cell therapy, just click to get a list of vets in your area.

After returning from the training course, I will give you an update on the exciting new information presented by these internationally-recognized speakers.


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