Dec 24, 2009

Stem Cell Therapy For Arthritis – How Long Will It Last?

When your pet is treated with adipose stem cells for arthritis in their joints, it is common to ask how long the treatment will last and when should you expect to need to retreat.  In survey data returned from owners of dogs treated with Vet-Stem therapy, over 2/3 of all dogs are not retreated during the first year.  It is, of course, very dependent upon your pet’s specific injury and their everyday activity level.  Those running 4 miles a day on concrete will be different than a backyard buddy.  Generally your pet will tell you by their behavior or activity level or they might show an increase in pain in a joint.

When your partner does need to be re-treated, if there were extra cells for storing, you can have your veterinarian request a dose be sent from frozen storage.  The cells are thawed in a special manner, washed and checked for cell count and to make sure they are healthy.  Then they are placed into a syringe and returned to your veterinarian by FedEx for immediate injection.  No surgery required!   If you run out of the initial cells from the first collection, more cells can be grown in a cell culture process.

Use your trusted veterinarian to help you decide when and if additional treatments might be necessary.


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